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Bitrix24: Remote work special deal!


With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, businesses have been faced with the challenge of operating remotely. It’s our biggest hope that this pandemic will be over soon, but for now, [...]

Bitrix24: Remote work special deal!2020-03-30T11:14:49+00:00

Bitrix24 News #2


Bitrix24: a remote collaboration tool, a modern solution! Bitrix has decided to temporarily remove 12 user restriction on free Bitrix24 plans and make it possible to use our free accounts an unlimited [...]

Bitrix24 News #22020-03-19T13:51:12+00:00

Cloud VS Self-hosted Bitrix24 versions


Bitrix24 Cloud version Cloud technologies are very popular at the moment, they provide flexible data management, and 24/7 access from anywhere where you can get connected to the Internet. Bitrix24 [...]

Cloud VS Self-hosted Bitrix24 versions2020-03-16T09:59:51+00:00

Bitrix24 News #1


Current news! Bitrix24 has announced some changes in the software operations. More particular: 6-month subscriptions no longer available Starting from March 1st, 2020 Bitrix24 will no longer be offering 6-month subscription plans [...]

Bitrix24 News #12020-03-16T10:05:14+00:00

Valentine’s Day Bitrix24 Sale


Show some love to your business! Only for TODAY, February the 14th 2020.For Bitrix24 Cloud accounts:All 24-months subscriptions are 50% off. I WANT THIS GREAT OFFER! For On-Premise clients:2 (two) years of maintenance subscription renewal for [...]

Valentine’s Day Bitrix24 Sale2020-03-16T10:06:26+00:00

Lunar New Year Sale Bitrix24


Thought the holidays were over? Nope. Time to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Rat! You’ll be pleased to know that Bitrix24 is launching an awesome Lunar New Year Sale to [...]

Lunar New Year Sale Bitrix242020-03-16T09:50:33+00:00

New feature! Bitrix24


If you often need to create workgroups or projects that have similar elements (tasks, members, settings, etc.), you don't have to create it from scratch. You can copy an already [...]

New feature! Bitrix242020-03-16T10:10:59+00:00

Bitrix24 Cyber Monday Sale


If you think fast and act quick, you can save 50% on your cloud Bitrix24 account subscription. We’ll keep it short because you need to pay by the end of December 2 (midnight) to [...]

Bitrix24 Cyber Monday Sale2020-03-16T10:20:44+00:00