RENVIS is here to provide you with effective and scalable solutions, as well as a tailored IT strategy to solve business issues and help you move to the cloud.

SOFIA Innovation Scoring.

First and foremost, you have to keep your eyes on our company’s Software as a Service, SOFIA Innovation Scoring. SOFIA is a data-driven Decision Support System, which aims to automate the Innovation Scoring process in the financial sector. What is more, SOFIA Innovations Scoring is a market-ready solution!

Thus, if you are looking for a clear picture of your company’s data, or you want to effectively score Innovation, RENVIS is here for you! Enhance your decision-making by utilizing SOFIA’s advanced scoring models and cutting-edge Machine Learning features.


AWS Cloud Solutions.

Are you just at the beginning of your cloud journey? Or, are you already actively building and managing workloads on the cloud? Trust our team of Certified Cloud Experts, and let us help you build the right Amazon Web Services, based on your company’s needs.

Ultimately, you can improve your productivity and update your processes by collaborating with an AWS Registered Partner, and minimizing costs and effort!


Thriving in the development and implementation of advanced cloud solutions, our company is a Gold Partner of Bitrix24.

Hence, our experienced team can assist you in implementing cloud or self-hosted instances of Bitrix24 and accelerate your business!



RENVIS supports Open Source software solutions that can help your company utilize and secure its data. Upgrade the way you work with Nextcloud Hub in selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance types and configurations.