DMS Accelerator Program 2020


We are part of the change! 👏 RENVIS is one of the 50 selected #startups to be joining the @dmsaccelerator 6-month program! We’ll be working together to learn and improve "SOFIA", our [...]

DMS Accelerator Program 20202020-07-01T11:46:41+00:00

Bitrix24: Sail the Sale


To help you sail through the challenges of the current business landscape, Bitrix will soon be releasing a new and updated version of Bitrix24. But they want to go that [...]

Bitrix24: Sail the Sale2020-06-22T08:02:12+00:00

Bitrix24: Back To Work Sale


Ready to get back to work? Grab all the tools you need to keep your business going with up to 40% off for Cloud and On-Premise users! Whether you’re a new client or [...]

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Resource Allocation App: Version 2


Our new, updated version of Resource Allocation App is finally available! Resource Allocation App is a powerful application, integrated into Bitrix24, that helps Project Managers associate Project Tasks with Project Expenses [...]

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Bitrix24 Birthday Sale


This year Bitrix24 turns 8 (eight) 🎂 To celebrate the 8-year anniversary, Bitrix is launching a huge Bitrix24 Birthday Sale. With discounts of up to 48%, as well as a chance to win an [...]

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Welcome to our new website


After a few months of planning, we are excited to announce that our new website is up and running! The purpose of creating the new website is to better address [...]

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Bitrix24: Switching to Remote Work Quickly


Do you need to go remote fast? Remote work and telecommuting means having the right tools to enable working from home. Obviously, you need good ‘hardware’ – a computer, a [...]

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Bitrix24: Remote work special deal!


With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, businesses have been faced with the challenge of operating remotely. It’s our biggest hope that this pandemic will be over soon, but for now, [...]

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Bitrix24 News #2


Bitrix24: a remote collaboration tool, a modern solution! Bitrix has decided to temporarily remove 12 user restriction on free Bitrix24 plans and make it possible to use our free accounts an unlimited [...]

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Robots in a rush: time-aware AI aids human-machine interaction


Time is an illusion, breakfast time doubly so. In future, human workers might not be alone in experiencing frenetic mornings thanks to EU-funded researchers who have equipped robots with human-like [...]

Robots in a rush: time-aware AI aids human-machine interaction2020-03-13T02:00:00+00:00