Bitrix24 New Year Sale 03 – 30 Dec 2019

Our Winter Sale starts as early as December 3rd, 2019 and will last till the end of the year – December 31st, 2019. There will be discounts for both cloud and on-premise versions, old and new Bitrix24 clients! Discounts for cloud subscriptions!6 months – 12% off new accounts only12 months – 24% off new accounts only24 months – 36% off All accounts Discounts…
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Bitrix24 On-Premise Thanksgiving Sale!

If you are considering purchasing the on-premise Bitrix24 edition that gives you access to the source code and infinite customization options, now is the time to make the order! As usual, each year we reserve some of the best deals for on-premise editions for Thanksgiving week. All On-Premise Editions except Enterprise will be 24% off between November 28 and December 1,…
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Meet the new START+ plan @ Bitrix24

Unlock advanced CRM and Website features for just 24€ per month! We have created a special plan Start+ for those who are starting out on their internet marketing journey. If you are a team of two and you need our advanced CRM and Website features, this plan is for you! By the way, our Technical Support is…
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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog. This is the place where you can find news, comments and opinions about our field of expertise. You can follow this page and our social network profiles to keep up to date with our company. Fell free to look around!

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Redesigning the internet to protect user privacy

When an American researcher imagined a new way to bolster internet privacy (an online system built on ‘mix-nets’ that would block eavesdroppers from accessing information about who was communicating with whom, and what they were saying), his vision remained on the fringe for decades. But now, an EU-funded project has invented a way to use…
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Czech Republic and Germany call for projects

The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MEYS) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) intend to fund joint research and development (R&D) projects of German and Czech partner institutions. Source: EUREKA News Czech Republic and Germany call for projects

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Sustainable energy – getting more from less

As the world relies more on renewable energy to limit climate change, an EU-funded project has produced insights into how nanotechnology could support cleaner power and promoted university-business links for targeted future innovation in this field. Source: Research Information Centre Sustainable energy – getting more from less

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Bitrix24 Cyber Monday Sale

If you think fast and act quick, you can save 50% on your cloud Bitrix24 account subscription. We’ll keep it short because you need to pay by the end of December 2 (midnight) to take advantage of this super special offer. WHO – Only free cloud accounts that have never had a commercial subscription are eligible. WHAT – Bitrix24…
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Promoting peace beyond European borders

The EU’s ability to maintain peace at home is widely celebrated. Now an EU-funded project is supporting the Union’s civilian peacebuilding efforts in countries beyond its boundaries. Source: Research Information Centre Promoting peace beyond European borders

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South Africa, Austria, Spain, South Korea and Germany call for projects on disruptive technologies

Key dates Source: EUREKA News South Africa, Austria, Spain, South Korea and Germany call for projects on disruptive technologies

2019-11-29 0

Creating sustainable value from used nappies

Disposable nappies, or diapers, are a hygienic time-saver – but one with an environmental impact. An EU and industry-funded project has developed collection and recycling systems that turn used nappies and similar products into profitable new materials for more sustainable use. Source: Research Information Centre Creating sustainable value from used nappies

2019-11-27 0

New blood for healthcare technology innovation

The potential for new advances drawing on medical physics and biomedical engineering is vast. Cross-disciplinary expertise is needed to unlock it for the benefit of society and industry, say the partners in an EU-funded network that is helping 15 young researchers to hone the required skills. Source: Research Information Centre New blood for healthcare technology…
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