In RENVIS we are extremely happy that our company has made the headlines quite a few times! First and foremost, both our work and our vision have been noticed by Greek Media, such as the Startupper, the Tv100, and

Furthermore, you can find useful insights about RENVIS on the websites of organizations around Europe, with whom we have cooperated. One of these organizations’ primary objectives is to help teams and companies like ours who want to introduce innovative solutions in the Information Technology market. Among them, you can find the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB), the DMS Accelerator, the Data Pitch, and the Elevate Greece.

Insights about us

business references
RENVIS Business References

Hellenic Development Bank

RENVIS Business References

Data Pitch

RENVIS Business References

DMS Accelerator

RENVIS Business References


EMEA Startups

Elevate Greece

Open Data Institute


RENVIS in Tv100 

OK! Thess gave us the opportunity to attend on TV100 Thessaloniki. Therefore, our presence there was an excellent opportunity and one of the most exciting business references for our team. Finally, actions like these, provide RENVIS with the opportunity to communicate its vision and goals in the Greek market. 

In case you found the business references for our team interesting check out our solutions and our blog to discover more of our stories! We are working on more fascinating things! Stay tuned!