The last couple of years RENVIS supports the actions of Digital SME Alliance on the Focus Groups of Artificial Intelligence, ICT Sustainability & FAIR Digital Markets. Furthermore, this blogpost provides RENVIS with the exceptional opportunity to demonstrate the significance of Digital SME’s Focus Groups as well as their area of expertise.

What is Digital SME Alliance?


Actions of Digital SME Alliance


The Digital SME Alliance is Europe’s largest network of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) businesses of all sizes, encompassing over 45,000 businesses. The Alliance is a collaboration of 30 national and regional SME groups from EU member states and countries in the region with the goal of putting digital SME at the forefront of the EU agenda.

The main goal related to the actions of Digital SME Alliance is the foster of open dialogue, knowledge and experience between its members in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).

The aforementioned actions are conducted at a European scale on areas of broad interest to Europe’s ICT small and medium businesses. The Digital SME Alliance’s projects may include, not only training programs but also the organization of  conferences and seminars, and the conduction of  academic research. In addition the actions of Digital SME Alliance include among others:


  • The dynamic participation and support of  EU-funded initiatives
  • The conduction and coordination of conferences and seminars
  • The publication of academic studies
  • Researches in ICT-related fields
  • The education and evaluation of its members on EU laws and regulations with reference to the Information and Communication Technology.


At this points, it should be mentioned that RENVIS participates and supports the actions of Digital SME Alliance,as a proud member ,by engaging in 3 extremely significant Working Groups of Digital SME:


  • The Artificial Intelligence
  • The ICT Sustainability
  • Fair Digital Markets


SME Focus Group Artificial Intelligence


Actions of Digital SME Alliance


On of the most vital actions of Digital SME Alliance is related to the launch of a Focus Group in Artificial Intelligence. This undertaking is performed in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC). More specifically, members of the group will be consulted on a regular basis by the European Commission’s JRC throughout the next years. Subsequently, the AI’s Focus Group members are about to establish the evidence base of a long-term research on AI adoption in European Countries. While this research methodology will aid policy-making, the group will also collaborate to generate declarations and position papers on AI. All the above will be developed from the standpoint of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ultimately, the members of this European Digital SME’s Focus Group, will create a solid ecosystem of European SME entrepreneurs, who are able to obtain visibility, influence, and early insights into Artificial Intelligence policies.


Focus Group ICT Sustainability


Actions of Digital SME Alliance


This Focus Group supports the actions of Digital SME Alliance that are related to the digital facilitators who provide advanced technological solutions and web services across a wide range of industries. These digital enablers are mainly involved in business areas linked with biofuels, optimization of business operations, digital fabrication and e-learning, among others.

Additionally, the Focus Group of Digital SME Alliance ICT Sustainability provide their members with the opportunity to:


  • develop a collaborative partnership with the European Green Digital Coalition.
  • offer contribution to the Digital with Purpose SME framework through the new platforms, as well as to conduct its validation.
  • define Digital SME’s perspective on policy regulations that are relevant to sustainability.
  • participate in sustainability activities with Digital SME’s present and future partners.
  • gaining priority in funding actions connected with the “green & digital” projects.
  • interrelate with a great variety of  “green enablers” and organizations.



Focus Group Fair Digital Markets, Ethical Tech & Interoperability

Actions of Digital SME Alliance

This focus group that support the actions of SME Alliance consist of multiple organizations. These organizations are united by the view that flexibility broad-mindedness are vital for SME businesses to preserve their competitive character and maintain their brand equity in digital marketplaces. What is more, these companies’ goal should undoubtedly be that technology will be used responsibly and ethically.

It should also not be neglected the fact that this focus group’s objective is the establishment of a network, empowered to coordinate the cooperative actions of the Digital SME Alliance and perspectives. Consequently, the mission of the Fair Focus Group is the contribution to key policy initiatives such as the Digital Markets Act, the e-Privacy Act, and the AI Act. Finally, its members should underpin that the digital markets and advanced technological implementations related to them will operate responsibly and ethically.



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