Why should you utilise the benefits of Bitrix24 CRM system?

One of the most significant factors that make a business successful and efficient it is undoubtedly related to the business’s solid and reliable relationships with its customers. Thus, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), can be a valuable tool for maintaining and improving these relationships. A CRM system is a type of software that is responsible for managing and coordinating a company’s current contacts, as well as its potential customers.
In addition, an effective CRM software utilizes an innovative digital platform to automate, manage and synchronize a firm’s sales and marketing activities, its customer service and technical support, among others.

Bitrix24: An excellent CRM tool to upgrade your sale’s team activities.

Bitrix24 CRM system creates a contact database in which contacts’ interactions and histories are handled and archived. Every new action such as phone calls, messages, video conferences and meetings, which are associated with a contact or a firm, are simply noted. As a result, every potential interaction with a customer can be easily organized and stored.
Moreover, a reliable CRM system such as Bitrix24, includes tools for creating reports, importing and exporting contacts, and conducting an analysis of your progress. However, notwithstanding Bitrix24 CRM’s effectiveness as a digital platform, it should be first customized according to your business’s needs, in order to fully utilize its capabilities. At the end of the day, we should not neglect the fact that every organisation is a unique entity.


Which are key features of Bitrix24 CRM system?


First of all, a lead is a valuable feature of Bitrix24 CRM system that contains details about a person or an organisation that could be a prospective client. More specifically, a completed lead includes all the information that is required in order to generate a deal. Since a lead is the first stage in the whole process, the insights included in it might might derive from:
  • a business card acquired at a conference
  • a company’s website
  • a telephone call received by your company’s sales department.
Subsequently, adding leads in your Bitrix24 CRM module is a quite simple procedure that could be performed in many different ways. A lead could be:
  • added manually
  • imported
  • come from CRM forms on your business’s website
  • generated from an emails or/and a phone call

Finally, it should not be neglected that every specific lead is a potential customer. Thus, an efficient lead management is extremelly vital for your firm’s success and prosperity.

Lead processing

The primary purpose of lead processing is to convert leads into:

  • contacts
  • companies
  • deals

You can manage this by using a variety of communication methods, including meetings, phone calls, and emails. Bare in mind, that Bitrix24 CRM keeps track of every communication history related to your business.

Bitrix24 CRM system

Select one of the alternatives by clicking the Complete lead button.

Afterwards, the lead handling procedure has been completed, you can begin working with new CRM items associated with this lead.

The chart bellow illustrates that all the CRM items are interconnected in terms of the activities,meetings, calls and emails:

Bitrix24 CRM system

Additionally, calls, tasks, meetings, emails, and other CRM elements combined are all organized with each other as Activities.

To display your activities, click on CRM > More > Activities, on the menu on your left:

Bitrix24 CRM system


In the CRM > History category, you can see the history of customer interactions.

Every item in Bitrix24 CRM system (a lead, a contact, a company or a deal) contains a form where it can details, insights, communication history, and scheduled activities related to them an be reviewed.

Bitrix24 CRM system

Furthermore, what is also provided here, is the ability to leave comments or schedule new activities.


The Deal

A Deal is feature of Bitrix24 CRM system that records the potential activity of a current contact or company that is related to your business. What is more, an unlimited number of Deals can be linked to a Contact or a Company.

Every time yo want to generate a new Deal, Bitrix24 provides you with the ability to attach a new product and connect it with that Deal.
Click on the Products category and select “Add new product” or select a new product from the catalog. Ultimately, in order to complete a deal, an outcome in relation to its success or failure is required for it to be considered as a closed deal.

You can always contact RENVIS, a Bitrix24 Gold Partner if you are looking for more insights about Bitrix24 CRM system, or visit Bitrix24’s official website!

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