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Focus on people, not spreadsheets and written reports, with SOFIA HR tool. SOFIA is an intelligent solution that helps HR Managers to make more precise, fair, and efficient decisions.

Employers choosing candidates that are portrayed as pictures on a wall for a job interview
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Whether you are evaluating the performance of your employees to reward the employee of the month/year or you are assessing the skills and personality of candidates so as to hire the right person, SOFIA HR enables you to make better decisions.


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Evaluation Process

Personnel Qualifications.

Determine which hard and soft skills you expect from your personnel and identify how important they are for your organization by giving them weights.
A model with different factors about the performance evaluation of an employee
A form with different factors about the performance evaluation of an employee

Personnel Evaluation.

Choose the first employee/candidate, assess their skills on zero to ten scale, and identify how much they meet your requirements by receiving a total score.

Personnel Comparison.

In the end, you receive comparative results of your personnel. You are now able to define the best talent and reward the employee of the month/year or hire the best candidate.
A overall comparison chart between 2 employees

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  • Best for: Small teams/companies
  • 2 Users
  • 2 Decision Models
  • 20 Decision Forms




  • Best for: Small & medium-sized enterprises
  • 5 Users
  • 10 Decision Models
  • Unlimited Decision Forms




  • Best for: Professional recruiters & Enterprises
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Decision Models
  • Unlimited Decision Forms