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Resource Allocation App is a powerful application, integrated into Bitrix24, that helps Project Managers associate Project Tasks with Project Expenses and Expense Categories.

It is an essential tool that facilitates everyday Project and Expense Management, by providing an easy way to connect the type of Expenses and their respective Costs with a specific Project Task.

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Add Project

It is time to add your first project by selecting “Add Project”! Just complete the project’s name and select the project’s categorization (e.g. H2020).

Manage Projects & Project Categorizations

Now, you are able to manage (add, edit or delete) your own custom projects and categorizations, according to your company’s needs.

A tab to add new categorization for cost allocation table
Categorisation editing about cost allocation of a project
Project management

Add Expense

You can link the project you just created together with project tasks, expense categories and costs by choosing “Add Expense”. You just have to select a specific task, an expense category (e.g. Software purchase), a description, and the respective cost.

Manage Expense Categories

It is worth mentioning that you can create and manage (add, edit, delete) your own custom expense categories, concerning your project’s demands.

Cost Allocation Table

A Cost Allocation Table is exported which provides centralized and summarized information about: Cost per task, Sum costs of parent tasks and Sum costs of tasks and subtasks.

Pie Graph

The results are visualized on a pie graph, which presents the percentage of each expense category in the project’s portfolio.

A pie graph about cost allocation of a project

Export functionality

It is possible to export the table and the graph to CSV and/or PDF to use it anywhere.

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RENVIS, a Certified Silver Partner of Bitrix24, can guide you through the advantages of Bitrix24, provide support and help you customize the offered tools to your needs and your business.

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