It’s 2021, and migrating to the cloud is no longer a question of “should we move” it’s “how fast can we move?” and “what are we moving first”.


migrating to the aws cloud


The benefits of migrating to the AWS cloud are clear. For over 15 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. If your organisation wants to take advantage what AWS has to offer, working with a validated AWS Migration Competency Partner like Cloudreach can help you accelerate and streamline your migration so you achieve benefits faster.


Why migrate to the AWS Cloud?

Migrating to the AWS cloud from on-premises result in:


migrating to the aws cloud

Organisations that migrate a substantial part of their application portfolio early in their journey and combine those efforts with modernization initiatives generally drive the fastest results.
The steps are simple! Contact us now, RENVIS is a certified AWS partner and are capable of guiding you through this transition.