Smart Manufacturing DSS

Data Pitch participation

RENVIS is proud to officially announce its participation in the Data Pitch Accelerator Programme
Being one of the 29 strong and innovative companies of the 2ndCohortof the Programme, we were selected to develop a Decision Support System for plastics manufacturer Greiner Packaging, incorporating Game Theory algorithms in a web-based platform with zero intervention to their production lines.

Our proposal 

In short, we are developing a cooperative Smart Manufacturing Decision Support System that gathers real-time data, creates unified communications, maps decision sequence and suggests actions. These actions, influenced by the business rules set by the decision makers and process owners, aim to improve a business process by reducing its cost and optimizing resource allocation. What is more, decision making scenarios can be compared to reach useful managerial insights.

Aiming for the future

Over the next months our focus will shift towards Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management solutions.
Our team, consisting of two co-founders, a project manager, a business consultant and six skillful developers, is more than ready to support you in facing crucial industrial challenges.