Shattering the glass ceiling in marine science


Ocean research is a traditionally male-dominated field but the EU-funded project Baltic Gender has been inspiring change by helping scientists in five Baltic countries to better understand how a more [...]

Shattering the glass ceiling in marine science2020-03-09T02:00:00+00:00

Improving cancer screening across Europe


Improved cancer screening programmes are set to be rolled out across Europe thanks to an EU-funded project that is deploying new tools and techniques to help healthcare systems optimise preventive [...]

Improving cancer screening across Europe2020-03-06T02:00:00+00:00

Turning the tide for blue infrastructure


How do you feel after a day at the beach? Energised, centred, relaxed? You are not the only one - it seems that any body of water can potentially boost [...]

Turning the tide for blue infrastructure2020-03-05T02:00:00+00:00

Regendering science for a more inclusive research environment


Although formal regulations are in place to ensure equal opportunities, female researchers remain significantly under-represented in many areas of scientific research. EU-funding is being used to support actions aimed at [...]

Regendering science for a more inclusive research environment2020-03-04T02:00:00+00:00

Cutting your building’s energy consumption


Even the most modern buildings can use far more energy than the designers intended. EU researchers have created an open source energy management system that can pinpoint where energy is [...]

Cutting your building’s energy consumption2020-03-04T02:00:00+00:00

Innovative software improves buildings performance


Buildings around the world are getting a boost in energy efficiency and comfort thanks to quality management software developed by EU-funded researchers. Source: Research Information Centre Innovative software improves buildings [...]

Innovative software improves buildings performance2020-03-03T02:00:00+00:00

Wanted: more women in science and technology


Across the EU, women account for just 13 % of the information science technology and digital workforce. In a bid to improve the gender balance, EU project EQUAL-IST has developed [...]

Wanted: more women in science and technology2020-03-02T02:00:00+00:00

Bitrix24 News #1


Current news! Bitrix24 has announced some changes in the software operations. More particular: 6-month subscriptions no longer available Starting from March 1st, 2020 Bitrix24 will no longer be offering 6-month subscription plans [...]

Bitrix24 News #12020-03-16T10:05:14+00:00

Brewing greener chemicals from fermented waste


Your dinner leftovers, vegetable peelings and discarded packaging paper could provide environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used chemicals, thanks to innovative technologies and fermentation processes being developed by EU and [...]

Brewing greener chemicals from fermented waste2020-02-27T02:00:00+00:00



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