Bitrix24 Summer Supercharger

It’s powerful. It’s huge.
It’s exactly what your team needs right now!


Summer Supercharger



Need to monitor and control your company’s every step and offer to your employees the tools to make the most out of their talent? Yet find it impossible to organize everything in a friendly, easy but efficient way?



Then Bitrix24 is exactly what you need!!!



Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team, including CRM, files sharing, time management, calendars, and more.



Supercharge your business with Bitrix24 Summer Supercharger and see your company soar to new heights with discounts up to 36%! Available to ALL clients – old and new, Cloud and On-premise, from July 20th – August 31st only.





(no prior commercial subscription)




(active or prior commercial subscription)


If you are a commercial plan user, you can save 36% off your chosen 24-month subscription plan:






And if it’s the On-premise version you’re after, we’ve got what you need – savings for all editions:




All of you looking to upgrade your On-premise edition will get a share of the discount too, with 12% off On-premise upgrades!



*Important: Upgrades are allowed only with an active maintenance subscription. Upgrades purchased with this discount can only be applied to licenses bought before July 20, 2020.



So what are you waiting for?


Get back in the game and power up your business today!



Terms and conditions
The Bitrix24 Summer Supercharger Sale is valid from July 20th to August 31st, 2020 for all Cloud plans and all On-premise Bitrix24 editions. This special offer covers accounts created in all domain zones (except RU, UA, KZ, BY).
Discounts for 12-Month Subscriptions are available only for new Cloud accounts that have never had a commercial subscription. For cloud accounts with an active commercial subscription, a new 24-Month Subscription purchased as part of the Bitrix24 Summer Supercharger Sale will be combined with the existing subscription and the end date will be updated within 3 business days after the special offer end date.
On-premise upgrades are available only to those with an active maintenance subscription. Upgrades purchased with this Special offer discount can only be applied to licenses bought before July 20, 2020. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers (except for partner discounts), nor can it be extended beyond the original subscription period purchased with this discount. All future subscription renewals will be billed at regular price.


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