Month: November 2019

South Africa, Austria, Spain, South Korea and Germany call for projects on disruptive technologies

Key dates Source: EUREKA News South Africa, Austria, Spain, South Korea and Germany call for projects on disruptive technologies

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Bitrix24 On-Premise Thanksgiving Sale!

If you are considering purchasing the on-premise Bitrix24 edition that gives you access to the source code and infinite customization options, now is the time to make the order! As usual, each year we reserve some of the best deals for on-premise editions for Thanksgiving week. All On-Premise Editions except Enterprise will be 24% off between November 28 and December 1,…
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2019-11-28 0

Creating sustainable value from used nappies

Disposable nappies, or diapers, are a hygienic time-saver – but one with an environmental impact. An EU and industry-funded project has developed collection and recycling systems that turn used nappies and similar products into profitable new materials for more sustainable use. Source: Research Information Centre Creating sustainable value from used nappies

2019-11-27 0

New blood for healthcare technology innovation

The potential for new advances drawing on medical physics and biomedical engineering is vast. Cross-disciplinary expertise is needed to unlock it for the benefit of society and industry, say the partners in an EU-funded network that is helping 15 young researchers to hone the required skills. Source: Research Information Centre New blood for healthcare technology…
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2019-11-25 0

Power-hungry data centres to go on permanent diet

EU-funded researchers are on the verge of slashing the energy used by internet data centres to help cut CO2 emissions. By developing a model to optimise energy in real time, they aim to make the centres more efficient without affecting performance. Source: Research Information Centre Power-hungry data centres to go on permanent diet

2019-11-22 0

Meet the new START+ plan @ Bitrix24

Unlock advanced CRM and Website features for just 24€ per month! We have created a special plan Start+ for those who are starting out on their internet marketing journey. If you are a team of two and you need our advanced CRM and Website features, this plan is for you! By the way, our Technical Support is…
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2019-11-22 0

Pancreatic cancer test to offer life-saving early diagnosis

An innovative Swedish SME will soon launch a life-saving test for one of the most lethal and hard-to-detect forms of cancer. Clinically validated in an EU-funded project, the test could revolutionise the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, providing early detection with unprecedented accuracy, boosting patient survival rates and enabling widespread screening of high-risk groups. Source: Research…
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2019-11-21 0

Understanding food choices to create healthier eating habits

An EU-funded project is taking an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to improving our understanding of food choices. Knowledge gained will help policy-makers to ‘nudge’ people into eating more healthily, so reducing the incidence of food-intake disorders. Source: Research Information Centre Understanding food choices to create healthier eating habits

2019-11-19 0

A programme for prospective professors

Preparing for a career in academia? The opportunity to acquire training in areas as varied as ethics, writing and team management can help to pave the way, say the coordinators of an EU-funded programme that supported 29 promising postdocs. A follow-on project is under way. Source: Research Information Centre A programme for prospective professors

2019-11-18 0

Diabetes prevention: a family affair

Are you likelier than others to develop type 2 diabetes? Lifestyle changes could dramatically reduce the risk, but you may need advice and support to make them. EU-funded researchers are trialling an affordable way for healthcare systems to make effective assistance available across entire populations – with a little help from patients’ families. Source: Research…
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