EUIPO launches the .eu notification service
Mon, 05/20/2019 – 12:29

Good news in the fight against cybersquatting. EURid (the official EU designated .eu and .ею domain names’ administrator) and the EUIPO have launched a new service that will help EU trade mark owners in their fight against bad faith registrations.

If you do not know cybersquatting, it is, unfortunately, more common than expected. Once a trade mark has been registered, and if the corresponding domain name is not immediately registered, other individuals might take advantage of the opportunity and register the corresponding domain name in bad faith to profit from the goodwill of the trade mark. The domain name is then sold to the owner of the trademark at a much higher price. 

However, through this new service, applicants and right holders will now be able to choose whether or not they desire to receive an alert as soon as EURid identifies an .eu or .ею application that matches their trade mark application. This will allow owners to react promptly and properly address these detrimental situations. 

Both institutions will continue to further strengthen their cooperation as proven by the signature of a second letter of collaboration during the latest Annual meeting from the International Trademark Association. 

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Source: IPR Helpdesk News
EUIPO launches the .eu notification service