WIPO’s First “Technology Trends” Study Probes Artificial Intelligence

Uli Waltsgott
Tue, 04/02/2019 – 12:42

“Artificial intelligence is a new digital frontier that will have a profound impact on the world, transforming the way we live and work”: The first report in the new flagship series “WIPO Technology Trends” defines and measures innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), uncovering more than 340,000 AI-related patent applications and 1.6 million scientific papers published since AI first emerged in the 1950s. This inaugural Technology Trends report provides a common information base on AI for policy and decision makers in government and business, as well as concerned citizens across the globe, who are grappling with the ramifications of a new technology that promises to upend many areas of economic, social and cultural activity. Research has involved the analysis of patent data related to AI inventions, as well as data on scientific publications, litigation filings and acquisition activity. The viewpoints and comments of experts in AI, data, intellectual property, policy, and innovation complement and add context to the information revealed in patent data, addressing issues such as existing and potential uses and impact of AI technology, legal and regulatory questions, data protection and ethical concerns.

Source: IPR Helpdesk News
WIPO’s First "Technology Trends" Study Probes Artificial Intelligence