Month: September 2018

Beating immune reactions for healthier heart valve implants

Existing data suggest that immune reactions reduce the lifespan of animal-derived heart valves implanted in cardiac patients. An EU-funded project discovered how to overcome this limitation, to produce valves with improved biocompatibility and novel immunological strategies that will benefit younger patients in particular. Source: Research Information Centre Beating immune reactions for healthier heart valve implants

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Rebuilding young lives with cell-free heart valves

Various options exist for the replacement of failing heart valves. However, none of the conventional ones are particularly well suited to persons in their teens or twenties, say EU-funded researchers who have developed an innovative solution to boost such patients’ chances of leading normal lives. Source: Research Information Centre Rebuilding young lives with cell-free heart…
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Smarter strategies to treat atrial fibrillation

An innovative smartphone app developed in an EU-funded project is helping doctors provide thousands of heart patients across Europe with better, more personalised treatment for atrial fibrillation – a major cause of stroke, dementia, heart failure and premature death. Source: Research Information Centre Smarter strategies to treat atrial fibrillation

2018-09-27 0

Predicting Atlantic Ocean and climate changes… new insights

European researchers joined forces with Atlantic African counterparts to explore the impacts of ocean changes on weather patterns, marine ecosystems and the wider socio-economic consequences for the region. Their findings uncover new thinking and calculations for wind, currents, and other factors in accurately modelling sea surface temperatures. Source: Research Information Centre Predicting Atlantic Ocean and…
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Identification and analysis of malware on suspected copyright-infringing websites

Internet users face multiple malware threats when visiting websites suspected of pirating digital content. This research study, published by EUIPO and carried out in cooperation with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), touches upon this widespread phenomenon: the distribution of various kinds of malware by suspected copyright infringing websites, which lures…
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Making the most of mathematical modelling

Powerful mathematical modelling and simulation systems are being made accessible to all by an EU-funded project that is driving innovation aimed at addressing societal and environmental challenges. Source: Research Information Centre Making the most of mathematical modelling

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Blue e-infrastructure to inform blue growth policy

Without a clear view of marine resources and environments, efforts to derive sustainable growth from the seas cannot fully succeed. An EU-funded project has developed virtual labs for research relevant to policy aimed at activating untapped economic potential in a sustainable manner and stimulating job creation in the marine and maritime sectors. Source: Research Information…
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Making sense of commitment

An EU-funded project is exploring what keeps people committed to a task even when they get bored, distracted or are tempted to stop. The findings could foster productivity-boosting strategies, improve robot-human interactions and even help treat borderline personality disorder. Source: Research Information Centre Making sense of commitment

2018-09-21 0

An integrated response to food-borne disease

Human welfare is closely linked to the health of animals and the environment. An EU-funded joint research programme has been created to align developments in medicine, veterinary science and consumer health protection to tackle food-borne health threats in a more integrated way across Europe. Source: Research Information Centre An integrated response to food-borne disease

2018-09-20 0

Big data solutions for big farming challenges

Vast volumes of data from satellites in space, drones in the air and sensors on the ground will be harnessed by a pioneering EU-funded project that promises to revolutionise farming, land use, agricultural sustainability and food security. Source: Research Information Centre Big data solutions for big farming challenges

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